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Piscenian Mind

After having been on such an obscure work schedule that allows me to sit around and do nothing more than over think things for a good three hours, I found myself feeling a little crazy.

You said…

Recently, a lot of different conversations have been happening in my life that have made me reflect on my past.


久しぶりに日本語で書いて見ます。     さっき昔のアメーバブログを見てたら、なんか書いてみようってなっちゃってね。

(Dear Sam) I want to be selfish. 

Desire comes with a host of feelings. Sometimes, these feelings aren’t always welcomed by us with open minds. We believe that love means selflessness and desire means selfishness. But love can be selfish too.

Being There.

Re-reading anything that I wrote in the past is always an embarrassing sensation. Like an awkward first text you send to someone you’re dating, unsure and testing out the waters. Then trying to cover it up with typing out “hahahahaha” as if that would fix the previous message you can no longer retract.

Dear Sam.

I will always love you.